PVC Railings

PVC railings (Vinyl) are a smart choice for those who want to beautify their home and eliminate the need for the annual maintenance that is required for wood products.

The Advantages of PVC Railings

  • Durability

    • First of all, we start with PVC which will never rot, crack, fade, split, or warp.
  • Our Rails are engineered for strength

    • We extrude our rail system components in compliance with ASTM (F-964-94).
    • We make all of our components with the highest quality ingredients.
    • Our rails look great, but the engineering inside makes them perform great too.
    • Phoenix Rail uses a unique and patented webbing inside the Alzar T-Rail to add strength.
    • Furthermore, we’ve also added an aluminum stiffener in all railings 5′ and over, as a result, our products perform better.

Phoenix Patented Webbing Alzar T-Rail

  • Our PVC rails have the maximum sun protection

    • Our PVC rails and components contain the maximum amount of TiO2.
      • Titanium Dioxide (TiO 2) is the compound that protects the rail from the UV rays.
    • Plus our PVC Rails are co-extruded so that the TiO2 is on the outer layer.
    • Most noteworthy and all you need to know is that our PVC rails and components will never yellow. It’s guaranteed!
  • We offer limitless styles, options and sizes.

    • At Phoenix, we go beyond the ordinary and take PVC railings to a higher level by providing durable products with limitless styles.
    • We can customize height of rails or/and baluster spacing as needed.
  • Phoenix prioritizes high standards and safety.

    • Our standard rail kits have approximately 3″ spacing between the balusters.
  • Easy to install to reduce labor costs

    • Our standard rail kits come knocked-down, with loose balusters and pre-routed top and bottom rails. This makes installation a breeze; the balusters slot right into the holes, no screws needed!
    • The Phoenix system saves time on installation, reducing labor cost and keeping money in your pocket while still providing a beautiful product.
  • Our PVC rails have a lifetime, transferrable warranty.

Product Details


Traditional – T-Rail, 2″ x 3-1/2″ bottom rail, Square, Colonial balusters or 4″ Glass Panels

Conservative – 2″ x 3-1/2″ top & bottom rail, Square, Colonial balusters or 4″ Glass Panels

Waterford – T-Rail, 2″ x 3-1/2″ bottom rail, Sub Rail with every other Square baluster to top rail

Spider Web – T-Rail, 2″ x 3-1/2″ bottom rail, Spider Web design with square balusters

Patriot Sub Rail – Customize your Traditional or Conservative Railing Kit with a Mid Rail
(works with Square baluster designs)

Gate Kits

Add a gate kit to your railing system to keep your space enclosed. Self-closing hinges and latch are included with each kit.

  • Available in 3′, 4′, 5′ Wide Sections
  • Available in 36″ or 42″ heights
  • Gate Kits can be trimmed both in height and width to fit openings
  • Styles: Traditional, Waterford, Custom Designs, Excel, Patriot Sub Rail, Glass (no 5’ kit in Glass)
  • Choice of Square, Colonial, Glass Balusters or Round Aluminum Balusters – Black, White, Bronze
  • Size of gate opening can be doubled with the addition of a drop rod

Aluminum gates are also available.

  • Adjustable sizes, up to 40″ Wide x 34″ High
  • Ask us about our custom welded gates

1 – 1/2″ Round Secondary Handrails

Round Secondary Handrail is a simple and functional attachment for any Phoenix PVC or Aluminum system. It is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Code Compliant for graspability and offers both safety and comfort while moving up or down stairwells or ramps.

  • Round Handrail is 1-1/2” in diameter (outside dimension)
  • Round Handrails can mount right into railing posts or a nearby wall
    • Alternatively, each handrail section can terminate in a smooth, rounded end loop
  • Spans of 80”, 104” or 120” are available
    • Spans can be even longer through the use of an internal joiner
  • Mounting brackets required every 5 feet
  • External joint rings are used at all connections to conceal the continuous aluminum interior
  • White Vinyl and Black Aluminum are stocked
    • Almond Vinyl, White Aluminum, and Bronze Aluminum can be special ordered
Phoenix Secondary Hand Rails