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      Three ways to buy Phoenix Manufacturing Products

      1. Visit a Phoenix Premier Stocking Dealer – They have Phoenix Manufacturing products in inventory. If they do not stock a product from our website or in our catalog, they can order it and get it very quickly.
      2. Visit a Phoenix Dealer – They do not have our products in inventory, but they have access to any product on this website or in our catalogs. Let them know what product you want and they will order it directly from our manufacturing plant and receive it very quickly. 
      3. Visit our Phoenix Showroom – If you want to see and touch the products featured on this website, come to our showroom and order it from a design consultant who will have it delivered to the Phoenix Dealer closest to you.

      Phoenix Dealers and Phoenix Premier Stocking Dealers

      We only partner with dealers who are committed to quality and customer service.

      We build close relationships with a limited number of dealers, dealers who are in tune with their customer’s needs and also fully understand and appreciate the value, the quality and the beautiful aesthetics of our products.

      There’s no doubt that one of the biggest reasons for our success has been our dealer network and their product support. To be clear, we strongly believe that we have better products than our competition, but we are quite sure that one of the biggest advantages we have over our competition is our network of independent dealers in and around the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania.

      The local dealers we work so closely with are well established members of their communities. They build strong relationships with their local customers and contractors. So our local dealers are incredibly important sources of information. They are our consultants, problem solvers and quite often our inspiration for product design. Our dealers also play a vital role in delivery, service and field support.

      What is the difference between a Phoenix Dealer and a Phoenix Premier Stocking Dealer?

      Phoenix does not sell direct. We sell through our network of dealers. Some of our dealer partners have our products in inventory, others do not, but have access to get any product featured on this website or in our catalogs.

      Why Can’t I Buy Direct?

      Our dealers assist with introducing new customers to Phoenix, and with the delivery of products to those customers. Thanks to their efforts, we can keep the costs of our products down. Many customers ask us if they can buy our products directly from us instead. Doing this would cut out our trusted dealers who do so much work for us, and we could lose that trust. If we did not have our dealers, we would have to increase our funds for marketing, product storage, and delivery – and the end result would be an increase in our product costs. Our dealers not only save you time and provide you with product knowledge, they really do save you money!

      Phoenix Dealers Are Individually Owned and Operated

      Phoenix Dealers Premier Stocking Dealers and are independently owned and operated, and are neither affiliated with nor agents or representatives of Phoenix Manufacturing. Phoenix Manufacturing makes no representations or warranties as to, and is not responsible for, the performance, acts or omissions of such parties. It is the ultimate responsibility of the property owner to select a Phoenix Dealer or Premier Stocking Dealer based upon their individual assessment of the dealer.