Cable Railings

Stainless steel cable railings are slim and sleek. They give your deck a modern look without interfering with the view, similar to a railing system with glass panels or a full glass sheet. Cable rails are installed horizontally, which offers a very different profile from other rail systems. A top rail is required with this arrangement, but a bottom rail is not, and can be replaced with an additional span of cable instead. This further reduces the amount of material between you and your beautiful view!

Details of our cable rails:

  • Straight runs of up to 40 feet are possible, corner to corner.
  • A vertical secondary baluster is required every 40 inches.
  • Cable is 1/8” thick (3/16” available for commercial jobs).
  • Our post sleeves come pre-drilled for cable holes, reducing installation time.
  • 10 year warranty.

** All cable railing systems must be wiped down and polished immediately after installation to ensure a clean and finished product. **