Phoenix PVC Utility Enclosures

Garbage Cans, AC units and pool equipment can take away from the beauty of your home or vacation house. Phoenix PVC Utility Enclosures and PVC Trash Can Enclosures hide those unsightly elements. The trash can enclosures are especially useful in shore communities where sea breezes can be strong and scavenger gulls can be quite hungry.

The Benefits of Phoenix PVC Utility Enclosures

  • Durability

    • Like all the Phoenix PVC products, our trash can enclosures, pool equipment enclosures and AC unit enclosures are durable and maintenance free.
    • They will never rot, warp, crack, stain, fade or discolor.
  • Reasons to have a PVC trash can enclosure

    • Hides unsightly garbage and recycling cans
    • Keeps trash cans and the garbage in them from blowing away, so it keeps our environment clean.
    • Keeps gulls and other creatures away from trash cans.
  • Reasons to have a PVC utility enclosure

    • Hides and protects AC units
    • Hides and protects pool filtration and heating equipment
    • Keeps young kids away from these potentially harmful machines