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Phoenix Manufacturing is the exclusive dealer of commercial and residential FocalZona planters. If you want to create an outdoor dining area for a restaurant, beautify a patio for your residence, enhance an entryway of a hotel or country club, FocalZona can help you define your space with beauty and purpose.

Here is what you need to know about FocalZona Commercial and Residential Planters Self Watering Planters:

  • They are beautiful

    • Planters come in four colors – White, White with Mahogany Top Rails, Walnut Woodgrain, Gray Woodgrain
  • They are made of durable and economical PVC

    • These low maintenance and long-lasting planters are made of PVC so they will never rot, warp, crack, stain, fade, or discolor.
  • They promote better plant growth

    • The self-watering planters come with sub-irrigation system which reduces watering effort, time, and mistakes.
    • Plant substrate layer provides essential nutrients to feed the plant.
  • They can be combined with features to make any space truly unique

    • The FocalZona planters can be enhanced with the following features; trellises, pergolas, railings, umbrellas, beautiful vases, and soothing water features to make any space truly unique.
  • They are made to order

    • You will work with a design consultant who will help you define your space with beauty and purpose.
Commercial and Residential Planters

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