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Phoenix PVC Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Phoenix PVC Outdoor Shower Enclosures are a must if you have a pool or live by the ocean.

The Benefits of PVC Outdoor Shower Enclosures

  • Durability

    • Like all the Phoenix PVC products, our outdoor shower enclosures are durable and maintenance free.
    • They will never rot, warp, crack, stain, fade or discolor.
  • 9 Reasons to have an outdoor shower

    • Helps keep the sand out of the clean house, so it reduces house cleaning time and effort.
    • Shore houses and pools tend to attract a lot of visitors during the day and overnight, the extra shower can be quite useful.
    • A great changing area for pool visitors.
    • Allows swimmers to rinse off before they get into the pool. Cuts down on pool cleaning / maintenance.
    • Allows swimmers to easily rise off the chlorine after swimming.
    • A great place to wash your dog.
    • A great place to wash muddy kids.
    • A convenient place to clean gardening tools.
    • A place to rinse off after a run.
  • One more reason: It’s Exhilarating

    • Showering outside is exhilarating. The combination of warm water, a light summer breeze and the sound of birds makes you feel like you are at a resort. Just wash, rinse and repeat.

Shower Enclosure Options

  • Standard kits 3′ and 4′ in 3-sided and 4-sided versions.
  • Custom shower enclosures are also available. Call a Phoenix Design Consultant for more information.
  • Available in white, almond, walnut woodgrain and gray woodgrain.
  • Roofs, benches, towel racks are available to complete your outdoor shower.