Phoenix PVC House, Porch and Deck Skirting

Phoenix PVC House, porch and deck skirting (Venetian Vents, Slat Screen Tidal Vents, and Latticework) can be an attractive feature of your house.

The Benefits of Phoenix PVC Skirting

  • Durability

    • Like all the Phoenix PVC products, our PVC house, porch and deck skirting products are durable and maintenance free.
    • They will never rot, warp, crack, stain, fade or discolor.
  • Strength

    • Our house skirting products are engineered for strength and made with the highest quality components.
  • Form and Function

    • Slat Screen Tidal Vents, Venetian Vents, and Latticework add a nice accent to your house while they hide unsightly gaps under decks, porches or elevated houses.
      • Latticework gives you a classic look.
      • Venetian Vents provide a colonial clapboard look.
      • Slat Screen Tidal Vents have a modern look which resembles “Shiplap” or “Nickel Gap” planking.
    • PVC Skirting covers these gaps but lets air flow in to keep the under areas from getting moldy.
    • For raised houses in areas prone to flooding, Phoenix Skirting products hide the area under the house, but let flood waters flow without damaging the house.
    • These products give homeowners the option of utilizing the space underneath an elevated house for lawn mowers, patio furniture, beach chairs, beach toys, kayaks, bikes, and cars.

Heavy Duty 3D Lattice Available

  • U Channel and H Channel available
  • Almond color available special order
  • Choose from 4 styles below

1″ Diagonal 3D


1″ Square 3D


1 7/8″ Diagonal 3D

2″ Square 3D