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Every deck is unique and your railings should be too! Phoenix offers custom curved railings for a perfect fit, complementing the natural contour of your deck. To calculate radius rail you'll need to measure the distance between posts and maximum projection. **Please contact us for details or help with field measuring

 *Nautilus RS10 & RS20 Rails are also available



Phoenix Glass Panel Railing systems incorporates 4” wide Glass Panels into the Top and Bottom vinyl rails, which creates a discrete and sophisticated look for decks and outdoor areas where you can enjoy a beautiful view while still utilizing the protective strength and durability of PVC Railings.

Not only does our rail look great, but it is what's inside that makes all of the difference. Don't be fooled by the look-a-like rails. What makes the Phoenix Rail unique is the patented engineering of the webbing inside the Alzar T-Rail. It's designed for strength. We've also added an aluminum stiffener in all railings 5' and over!

Phoenix Glass Panel Railings are available with Mahogany or PVC Top Rail, and also with Low Voltage (or LED) lighting in Top Rail as an additional option. Please see our Ambience Rail ®.

Height: 32” (for 36” High Rail) Width: 4” wide x ¼” thick

Phoenix offers you options unlike many other companies. At Phoenix, we go beyond the ordinary and take railings to a higher level providing quality products with limitless styles. Safety and high standards are a top priority for Phoenix.

Phoenix PVC Rail Systems are Beautiful, Bold, and Elegant as well as engineered for Superior Strength and Durability to provide Long-lasting Value and Performance.


Did you know that Phoenix Manufacturing, Inc. got its start designing Cedar Railings? We have certainly come a long way since those early years, but we still have a special place in our hearts for real wood. We can do different styles other than the Freedom or Liberty, so please call the office for more information.

  • All Wood Rail Kits come in 4', 6', and 8' level sections assembled
  • knocked down sections are available in stair or if specified
  • Other profiles available – please contact us for more information.




Dare to EXCEL? Our Excel PVC Woodgrain Ralings will add the perfect touch to your home. Now available in 5 colors. Black Aluminum Balusters also available!!

  • Available in 4', 6', 8' and 10' Level Sections
  • Stair sections available in 4', 6' and 8'
  • Standard Stair sections come in 32º, 36º, and 42º
  • Custom stair angles are available
  • Available in 36" and 42" heights
  • Square, Round Aluminum, or Glass Balusters

*Glass balusters - in both PVC and Mahogany styles

**Full sheets of glass is an option - must provide your own glass.

 PVC excel

*Sand and Olive are available for special order.

**White is not woodgrain color; white Excel supplied with hollow center and aluminum in top rail only.

Phoenix Manufacturing colors




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