Outdoor Enclosures


Outdoor Enclosures

SHOWER ENCLOSURES Nothing compares to the low maintenance and convenience of a vinyl shower enclosure! Durable, high-quality PVC panels provide a clean, sophisticated look while eliminating the problems associated with wood—like rotting, peeling, staining or painting.

  • Shower enclosures can be two-, three- or four-sided.
  • Custom Size shower enclosures are available
  • Towel bars and benches are available accessories.
  • Showers available in White, Gray, and Walnut.
  • Builder Series with brackets and Coastal Series with routed posts.
  • Roofs available.

A/C and GARBAGE ENCLOSURES Cover up unsightly garbage/recycling areas and clunky AC units! Phoenix provides simple ways to organize your yard and hide less attractive areas.




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