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Overview of Phoenix

Phoenix Manufacturing, Inc. is a family owned and operated railing, pergola, fencing, and outdoor product company established in 1991. Our love, dedication, and passion for our company, our customers, and our products can be seen in everything that we do. All of us within the Phoenix organization share a commitment to excellence offering products that will enhance your living area and encourage more time spent doing what you love.

Throughout the years, Phoenix still retains that same personal touch while continuing to develop new and innovative product lines that are not only beautiful and functional, but are designed to last year after year. Our Phoenix family is grateful to have the opportunity to work with you and will always strive to achieve and exceed your expectations!

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Phoenix = Trust

As a family, our core principles have always been trust. Trust in the Lord, God, and in each other. These same principles carry over into our Phoenix family and also with our loyal customers.

This trust with our customers has been earned throughout the years of service and dedication. It’s always been a pleasure to hear how well Phoenix is trusted and respected throughout our industry including from our competitors and vendors. Trust is not easily obtained and can quickly disappear, that’s why we work so hard 24/7 to gain and keep the trust in each and every customer. We would love to gain your trust in the Phoenix Family and provide you an outstanding product and experience!

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