INTEX Cellular PVC Pergola

Phoenix is proud to present a new premium line of INTEX cellular PVC Pergola systems. Extruded cellular PVC materials are exceptionally strong and durable and combine the maintenance-free features of vinyl rail with the matte finish look of painted wood.

(Radius beams or rafters are available for custom Pergolas)

STRUCTURAL BEAMS: Include massive Aluminum I-Beams for structural support.

  9-3/16" x 3" Carrying Beam - structural up to 14' Span (Sleeve alone 15') 

  12" x 6" Extended Span Carrying Beam - up to 20' Span 

STRUCTURAL RAFTERS: Rafters under 8’ do not need structural reinforcement.

  7-3/16" x 2-1/4" Rafters - 15' or 18' hollow boards available; 16' Aluminum sold separately

  9-3/16" x 2-1/4" Rafters - 15' or 18' hollow boards available; 14' Aluminum sold separately) 


   Four different styles available.

DECORATIVE PURLINS: Hollow laths for additional shade and decor.

  4" x 2" 

   1" x 2-1/4"

BRACKETS: Hardware for this Pergola system includes white powder coated Aluminum Brackets with Stainless Steel Screws, specifically designed (by Intex) for an easy and secure installation.

   Ledger Board "L" Bracket, Rafter Bracket & Beam "U-Clip" Bracket. 

The aluminum internal reinforcements and external brackets will not rust or corrode. Neither will the stainless steel screws and fasteners rust or bleed onto the pergola structure. 

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